Accidents can occur anytime and can bring unnecessary expenses. In these situations your car damage can contain various dents and scratches on the surface of it. If they are not fixed properly it can decrease the value of your entire car. People in Knightdale often face future regrets after going to the inexperienced repair shop. You should always read the reviews of the customers before choosing Knightdale collision repair shop. Make sure the professionals are well experienced and offer a reasonable price for their services.

  • Conventional method – The conventional is the traditional method of removing dent and requires a lot of time and efforts. These repairs are very costly as compared to the paint less dent removal method. In the traditional method if your car is having any exterior dent due to collision, they are fixed by removing the paint with the help of sand paper. After paint removal the damaged surface is smoothed with various tools and for the areas which are unable to recover is filled with putty. This takes lot of time and you have to wait for 4 to 5 days spending more money.
  • PDR method – Nowadays, many dent repair shop fix your car collision by paint less dent removal method as this is lot more simple and quick. The dented area is pushed and pulled to make the car surface again back normal without removing its surface paint. After finishing, the area is inspected with the various tools to check whether the surface is properly smoothed or not. PDR method does not cause any harm and retains the original car value even after the accident. You don’t have to spend extra amount of money and wait for long unlike the conventional method. Moreover, this method is environment friendly too as there is no toxic chemicals and solvent involved during fixing.