What is the most common reason for a Semi truck breakdown

Semi truck breakdowns must be avoided at all costs as they cause disruption to transport. There are plenty of things that must be taken care of before you hit the road to prevent semi truck breakdowns.

Common Causes for semi truck breakdown

Here are some of the common reasons for a semi truck breakdown:

  • Brakes

One of the most common reasons for a semi truck breakdown is mainly due to brake-related issues. There could be several reasons due to which the brake is malfunctioning. Air leaks, corrosion and internal contamination due to water entry could result in the malfunctioning of the brakes. If you strive to attain the best semi truck repair in Gainesville, you’ll have to vouch for the best faciliatators. They will provide services at the area of the stoppage and repair the malfunctioning brake.

  • Electrical System

The breakdowns of the semi trucks can also occur due to the electrical system. This includes the batters, starter battery and the alternator which is used by the semi truck for its starting. The best way to avoid this is by making sure that you do not leave the lights on unnecessarily and constantly repairing the electric system. Electrical repairs could prove to be expensive for its works. With so many reasons which could cause an electrical dysfunction, it takes a long time of labour to find the exact issue.

  • Tire

The semi truck can also breakdown due to tire issues. The malfunction of the tire can lead to significant issues as it can affect the movement of the semi truck and result in accidents. Be sure to check your tires for inflation, underinflation, misalignment of axles and tire threads. Ensure that a proper tire inspection is done before the travel as this could prove to be a life or death matter and is one of the most crucial aspects of safety in a semi truck.

  • Age

The age of the semi truck is also a crucial factor leading up to breakdowns. The general life span of a semi truck is 750,000 miles, and after that, the performance of the semi truck might reduce. This could lead to breakdowns when you least expect it.

Based on these tips, you now know the common causes of semi truck breakdown which would differ from instance to instance. It is vital to do the necessary inspections and safety measure to avoid such a breakdown during important transportations.