A junk car may, on the face of it, appear destined for only one place – the salvage yard. After the parts have been harvested, the rest of the vehicle is shredded for steel, right? With some buyers that may well be the case; if you sell to an individual private buyer or straight to a scrap yard the fate of your junk car is indeed somewhat limited. The price you fetch then becomes a simple valuation of the car’s weight and the value of any working parts it may still have. At the end of the day, a junk car is a well-used car, and a well-used car has been a much-loved car. It may be surprising to know then that by selling to a reputable dealership with a national network of outlets, your old car could well take on a new life, fetching you a better price in the process. 

If you are selling your used car in San Diego or the surrounding area, Cash for Cars in San Diego is one such dealership that broadens the range of options for your junk car (options that other buyers simply don’t have). This allows for the maximum profit to be gained and, therefore, the maximum selling value to be passed on to you. Before we examine each in turn, it is worth stating that a junk car doesn’t always end up simply scrapped. In fact, there are other options that can end up fetching more than simply selling it by weight to the nearest scrap yard. Many reputable dealerships have the benefit of a large inventory of used vehicles. Therefore, always having access to the various parts needed to make a car roadworthy, as well as access to the largest possible customer base, means there is never any trouble selling it on. All of this allows for all manner of savings, which can then be passed on to the seller.

So what happens to your junk car after you sell it? Here are the most common destinations.

Back on the Road

Much of the market for junk cars is made of mechanics who have the expertise to get a car roadworthy again. In the case of large dealerships, there is no shortage of the knowledge nor the means to take this approach as well. Sometimes, this really is the best option for your junk car, and with such a large inventory of automobiles, there is never really any shortage of the parts needed to get the car running and on the road again. 

Recycling Facility

Nearly every part of a car can be recycled, and with environmental issues currently as pressing as they are, this is proving a more and more common fate for junk cars. Everything from the brake fluid to the tires can be changed into something new. Sometimes, the recycling plant is where your old car – or parts of it – will end up. Other times, certain broken parts can be recycled and then replaced with working parts from other cars.

The Scrap Yard

Of course, junk cars can often simply be scrapped. And although this might seem like the end of the line for a car, the useful metal and parts that can be salvaged during this process can, depending on the condition of your vehicle, make the scrap yard the most profitable destination for the vehicle. At the end of the day, a good dealership will have every option open; and if the scrap yard is the most profitable, this is profit that can be passed on to you.