It may come as a bit of surprise to many that car dealerships actually make more money from used cars than they do from new ones. And with the used car market currently booming (and certainly performing better right now than the new car market) you can always be sure of a sale when contacting a reputable dealership. Good dealerships offer a level of expertise that is unavailable to those selling a car by any other means. In practice, this means an expert appraisal to ascertain the true value of the car ahead of any sale.

But more than just that, dealerships with access to a large nationwide network of outlets automatically have access to a large market. And those with an in-house DMV database have access to data that shows precisely what any car model – in any condition – can fetch in different parts of the country. This allows them to sell the car on for the very best price possible, and these profits can be passed on to you, a dealership with outlets in San Bernardino County, Los Angeles, San Diego, and moreis one such dealership offering all this and many, many more excellent advantages besides. Good dealerships like CarFastCash also have the resources to ensure that all DMV paperwork is handled in-house and the liability for the car is fully transferred over at the point of sale, with any outstanding payments being reckoned up in the final price. One thing you don’t want is to still be making payments on a car you’ve already sold.

But how can dealerships offer so much, and for any car at all? To understand this, it is worth looking into just what a dealership does with your car after acquiring it. 

A Great Price for Any Car 

It is a basic wisdom that if your car is in an advanced state of deterioration, then it becomes pretty unlikely that any private individual will be willing to buy it. At this point, it might seem that the scrap yard is the only way to make back a paltry profit from your vehicle. But a good dealership will take a car in any condition. But how is this possible? 

The reason is that one of the great benefits of good dealerships is not only the unmatched market access they provide, but also the in-house resources for restoration they boast. Restoring a car privately can be expensive and is very often not worth the money.Nevertheless, with the many cars coming through a dealership, the costsof buying the resources in bulk work out significantly less per vehicle. In some cases, a dealership will sell your used car for spare parts, but the essential point is that they can always sell it somehow – and for the best price. And if a dealership can always sell a car, then you can be assured that they will always buy it from you too. 

Market Reach 

Once a dealership is in possession of your used car, they can then find a buyer through the nationwide network of reputable dealerships to which they have access. With access to so much market data, they can also tell just how much the car should be sold for in any given part of the country. After restoration, this is the stage your used car moves on to – and the dealership is always guaranteed a sale somewhere. 

Hopefully, this little peek behind the curtain at the inner workings of reputable dealerships reveals the reasons why you can always be assured of a sale – and the best price as well.