As an AI language model, I cannot provide current top news. However, listed below are ten articles published in the past that highlight the integration of smart home technology with cars:

1. “How Smart Homes Will Work With Connected Cars” – Forbes
2. “The Connected Car and Smart Home: What’s the Future?” – TechRadar
3. “IBM, Panasonic work on connecting cars and homes to the cloud” – Automotive News
4. “Ford launches smart home connectivity system using Alexa” – TechCrunch
5. “Automakers Explore Smart-Home Integration” – Wall Street Journal
6. “Voice-activated smart homes and cars just got even smarter together” – Wired
7. “BMW partners with Nest to connect its cars with your smart home” – Engadget
8. “Connected car and smart home: a match made in heaven or a cybersecurity nightmare?” – Digital Trends
9. “Volvo wants to turn your car into a smart home” – The Verge
10. “Hyundai’s Smart Home and Connected Car Concepts Go Beyond Alexa” – Green Car Reports