As an AI language model, I do not have personal opinions or access to current news. However, here are some top articles on the integration of artificial intelligence in automotive manufacturing:

1. “How artificial intelligence is transforming automotive manufacturing” by Raconteur
2. “Artificial intelligence in the automotive industry: challenges and opportunities” by McKinsey & Company
3. “AI and the Future of Automotive Manufacturing” by IndustryWeek
4. “The role of artificial intelligence in the automotive industry” by S&P Global Market Intelligence
5. “5 ways AI is transforming the automotive industry” by TechRepublic
6. “Artificial intelligence in the car industry: the end of human error?” by The Conversation
7. “AI and Automation in Automotive Manufacturing: Benefits, Challenges, and Opportunities” by Cognilytica
8. “The Role of AI in automotive manufacturing” by Analytics Insight
9. “The intersection of AI and automotive manufacturing” by Deloitte
10. “How artificial intelligence is revolutionizing automotive manufacturing” by Wired.