Prices can be pretty steep, so if there is a way to do it yourself, why not? Lucky for you, it is possible. This article will go over steps to replacing a Toyota antenna, specifically on a Toyota 4Runner. Toyota 4Runner parts can be found in many online Toyota parts stores. First off, assess the problem. What exactly is going wrong? If your Toyota antenna is making odd sounds or has stopped operating properly, you may need to replace it. If your radio is not functional, this may or may not be a problem with the antenna. If you need to replace your radio, you may want to consult a Toyota 4Runner parts dealer. If you have determined that the problem is in the antenna, your best bet is probably to replace it. Head to a Toyota 4Runner parts dealer and pick out a new Toyota antenna. To replace the antenna, first turn on your 4Runner so the motor is running and the radio is off. Use needle nose pliers and insert the tips into the slots on the antenna mast motor nut and remove it. Turn your car stereo on to allow the Toyota antenna to run up. Pull the mast from the power antenna while the motor is still running. Compare the length of the new antenna mast to the old one. For more details click on outdoor car cover.

Feed the cable into power antenna motor assembly. If at all possible, be sure to find a new Toyota antenna whose mast matches the length of the one you are replacing. Ask your Toyota 4Runner parts dealer if they have the correct length available. If not, then you will have to remove the fender well cover to allow access to the power antenna assembly mounting bolt. After removing the bolt, pull the power antenna mast assembly down from the mount and push the plastic sleeve up. Remove the black plastic cover from the power antenna and then the inside cover. Remove the nylon cable from the power antenna assembly. Once this is done, you can install your new Toyota antenna. If this does not work to fix the problem, head to a Toyota 4Runner parts dealer or other maintenance shop to further assess the problem. As a last resort, the Toyota 4Runner parts dealer should be able to help you figure out what’s going wrong. Antenna replacement does not have to warrant a trip to the repair shop.

Auto repair can be exciting, but always take precautions to keep you safe. sells Toyota antenna and Toyota 4Runner parts, and all other Toyota parts. They have a reputation for honesty, integrity and value for their customers. 

The New And Improved 2011 Toyota 4Runner

The new 2011 Toyota 4Runner eliminated the 4-cylinder engine and has made new improvements such as the brake override system which is a great safety feature because it prevents accidental acceleration. Its look is reminiscent of truck-like frames of the classic SUVs. The latest model still has the 109.8 inches wheelbase as the other previous models. The seating capacity remains the same at seven. Its blister fender and bluff side design got its inspiration from the Toyota Land Cruiser. The interior of the 2011 4Runner maintains the tough and rugged theme of the vehicle. Its design is dominated by square shapes and large knobs.

The base model is the SR5. Next is the Trail model and lastly is the top of the line Limited model which has alloy wheels and chrome front grille inserts. The only difference is that the Limited model is fitted with 20-inch alloy wheels while the Trail and SR5 models only have 17-inch alloy wheels. The basic features of the 2011 Toyota 4Runner are air conditioning, remote keyless entry, power locks, power windows, cruise control and tilt/telescope steering wheel. Another standard feature is the audio system with satellite radio which also has a Party Mode setting where the music comes out of the tailgate speakers. Optional features for the Trail and Limited models are steering wheel audio controls, Bluetooth phone connectivity for music streaming and USB interface for iPods. Another add-on is a pop-up organizer for cargo in addition to the sliding cargo platform that can support 440 pounds of weight. The sliding platform can be used as a table for outdoor picnics. The Limited model also has a push button start and leather-covered seats. Also standard on the Limited model is a sliding moon roof which is also optional on the SR5 and Trail models together with the voice-activated, touch screen DVD navigational system that comes along with a 7-inches display monitor mounted on the dashboard.

2006 Toyota Matrix: Value Meets Fun

During the early part of this decade Toyota was examining its vehicle line up and the decision was made to build a car to entice young people who were looking. In 2003, the Matrix was introduced to the North American market. Built in California as a joint venture with General Motors – the Pontiac Vibe is its twin – the Matrix is aimed toward budget conscious young people who want a car that makes a statement. To save money, the Corolla frame was used, but the Matrix stands some 3 inches taller and is 8 inches shorter than its Toyota sibling. 

Indeed, both driver and front passenger sit higher up, much like in a small SUV or as in a car like Chrysler’s PT Cruiser. With four doors and a rear lift gate, the Matrix acts more like a wagon, but its sleek exterior easily refutes that fact. Motorists have a choice between front wheel drive and a four wheel drive versions of the car, something not offered on the Corolla. The standard motor for the Matrix is a 1.8-liter DOHC 16-valve VVT-I 4-cylinder engine. Mated to a five speed manual transmission, the engine turns out a respectable 126hp.

It gets paired with a six speed manual transmission. Four wheel drive versions of the Matrix come equipped with a 4-wheel anti-lock brake system [ABS] which is optional on 2WD models. Gas mileage for the Matrix makes the car a motorist’s dream. At 30 mpg city and 36 mpg highway, the front wheel drive version of the car produces some of the best results of any non-hybrid car sold in North America. Unlike many cars of its size, the aftermarket crowd has produced a wide variety of products to help Matrix owners customize their vehicles. Hood protectors, tail light covers, polymer air dams, fog lights, hood scoops and vents, mud flaps, and paintable window covers are some of the Toyota parts and accessories pitched to youth, who are the primary owners of the Matrix. MSRP starts at US$15,110 [CDN$17,200] with a top of the line Matrix topping out at just under US$20K to about CDN$25K

Toyota Highlander 2008

This redesigned 2008 Toyota Highlander is a truly optimized car for family use and is also fuel convenient. It offers excellent fuel economy for the stop and go traffic at major metros. Toyota highlander is specially made with a user friendly cabin design with reconfigurable second row seats and a fully usable third row. Third row seat folds as a single unit rather than in 50/50 sections. Safety is also the aspect for Toyota Highlander as all models include dual front airbags, front side impact airbags for thorax protection, a driver’s knee airbag, curtain side airbags for head protecting which covers all three seating rows, active front headrests, tire pressure monitor. The 2008 Toyota Highlander come with a 270 horsepower 3.5 liter V6, this same engine was optional in Camry and RAV4. STYLE COUNTS….

It also 3.3 inches wider and 3.8 inches taller. Base Highlanders start out with 17 inch alloy wheels, privacy glass, a fold flat third row seat, air conditioning, a tilt and telescoping steering wheel, a CD stereo with a auxiliary input jack and full power accessories. This car also features softer styling than the midsize 4Runner SUV and the retro-styled Fj Cruiser. Its all-wheel drive systems are designed for taming slippery pavement and wintry conditions Dinesh Choudhary has designed a website specially for Car lovers who want to know all the information related to cars. 

How to Run Your Car on Water Using Hydrogen – HHO Technology

If you’re interested in saving on the price of gas and are SICK AND TIRED of spending $50-$100 every week on GAS, then read on. This technology teaches you how to turn plain old FREE water into HHO which is highly flammable and perfect to inject into your car. It’s even safe and easy.

  1. How does this work?

It’s pretty simple technology. Water is made up of H2O and this technology simply extracts the Hydrogen from the water using an electrolyzer and it flows into your air intake. This form of Hydrogen is called HHO which is highly flammable (but safe) and replaces a percentage of the gas you burn. This replacement is how you use less gasoline! Now there is more to it than this but it’s a start.

  1. Is it easy to do?

Yes, there are many guides out there. These guides have been written by experts that have fine tuned the process into a safe and easy way to convert your car in less than one day. They are simple step by step guides. I was amazed by how easy it was to do to my SUV.

How Much Will I Save?

There are people that have increased their gas mileage to more than 100%! Yes, really 100%. The typical increase is between 40%-50%. If you decide to convert your car, you can experiment and modify what you’ve done to improve the results. Typically the guide and parts cost around $100 so it will take you about a month to make your money back. Then it’s to the bank baby!!! I’m currently getting between 45%-55% better gas mileage. My Toyota 4Runner was getting 18MPG and I’m now getting around 27MPG.

  1. Do I still need Gasoline?

Yes, This is not a gasoline replacement. It adds combustible HHO to the air intake and reduces the amount of gas you use.

  1. Will it void my warranty?

This conversion is easy to install and remove therefore does not void your vehicle warranty and best of all, you don’t need to know anything about cars, everything you need to know is covered in the guides and diagrams to get you set up in no time at all. There are tens of thousands of successful water car conversions on the market today. I’m sure you have driven by many on the road and don’t even know it. This is catching on quickly and experts say that most cars will be using this technology by the year 2012. I’ve tested many of the guides on the market and have decided to help you out. On our website, we’ve created a comparison table to easily compare the top water for gas kits on the market today. We periodically test these kits and update our site frequently if there is a change in the guides where one turns out better than the others.