The right auto shipping company enables you to ship your vehicle without needing to drive it on your own. Normally cars are transported via trucks, but if you want to transport it overseas, then you would need to send it via ship.

If you are planning to take this service, then we have prepared a checklist to help you ensure the safe delivery of your car to the destination.

Do an Extensive Research On Quality, Scope, And Prices of Services

There are three important things that you need to consider when choosing a vehicle transportation company. Cost, quality, and scope are the three important considerations that you need to make when choosing a vehicle transportation service. It is required that you perform specifics to receive a precise and accurate quotation. 

You will need to provide below details to the car transportation company:   

  • Model and make of vehicle to determine the weight and size of the vehicle
  • Scope of service, terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door
  • The destination
  • Chosen time of departure

Ship a Car, Inc is a leading Virginia car shipping company that offers effortless and convenient transportation services to its users. It helps them to ship vehicles and bulky haul equipment to or from any location in New Jersey. 

Online reviews and customer references are some of the best ways to assess the service quality of a company. Ask the potential car shipping firms to tell you about their services along with the price. Also, learn about their shipment related policies. 

Discuss with them to find out how they would want to receive the payment. Some companies ask for a full upfront payment before they ship the car, while for others it is alright if you release their payment after delivery of the vehicle.

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Read The Terms and Conditions in the Contract Properly

Read each line stated in the agreement before you sign it. Ensure that you properly understand every detail of it before you enter into any legal contract with the company. An all-inclusive contract includes policies related to transport, shipping costs, grievance redressal procedure, etc. 

Insurance Coverage

It is important to be prepared for any unfortunate happenings. Having adequate insurance coverage is necessary when you plan to transport the vehicle. Accidents can cause a lot of destruction to a car. 

Check with the company what kind of insurance they offer. A reputable shipping firm should not hesitate to furnish you with a copy of insurance coverage. Check with your vehicle insurance carrier whether they offer coverage for car transport. 

Keep The Original Inspection Report Safe for Future Reference

Thoroughly inspect your car and generate a thorough report that tells you about the precise condition of the car before you leave it to the company. It will list details about existing scratches, marks, chips, dents, cracked glass, condition of the tires, condition of the interior, etc. Preserve this copy for defense against wrong claims if the car endures any damage. 


A professional vehicle transportation company is a great means to transport your vehicle to a long distance. When you follow this checklist, you rest assured that your car arrives in a safe and sound state.