Are you about to marry your childhood sweetheart in a simple church wedding in the next month? Among the other things to plan, a prime aspect to focus is to go for a Rolls Royce hire service. You will need a plush car to pick you both from your homes to the venue. However, you might especially look forward to taking a luxury ride back home too in a Rolls Royce. This is where Aces Car Hire comes to the forefront, offering their fleets of luxury vehicles like Rolls Royce Phantom, Rolls Royce Ghost, and Beauford 1971 Classic Convertible. 

The Joy of Riding Back Home with Your Better Half

Now that you are married, you have a life to spend together! To make this day even more special, treat a ride to your spouse in one of the classiest vehicles around. Yes, Rolls Royce is a vehicle preferred by the elite class worldwide. From the royal families to the film stars, it is everybody’s favourite mean machine.

From bold exteriors to dreamy interiors, coupled with handwoven emblazoned upholstery, Rolls Royce Ghost and Rolls Royce Phantom are splendid. They are ideal, making you feel like a prince and princess straight out of a Disney fairy tale! 

The happily-ever-after moment when your bride throws her bouquet and heads to the car, take her by hand and get into the Rolls Royce! The carpeted floors and adjustable rear seats for supreme comfort will make her look forward to a happier life with you! Go for the Rolls Royce Ghost hire Manchester-based to make your way back home equally memorable! 

Raise the Toast for New Beginnings

You would be excited and on cloud nine, as you both have just said ‘I do.’ The best thing to do is to celebrate the event taken place at the altar just now! What can you do to express yourself? If you have hired an open-air vintage convertible, shout out to the world. Or else, sit back in the plush seats of Rolls Royce Ghost and pick up champagne to raise the toast to your married life ahead of togetherness. 

Weddings are time in everybody’s life when they like to flaunt their preferences and style. Keeping this factor in mind, the company Aces Car Hire offers Rolls Royce Ghost hire or vintage car rental service to offer you a memorable ride to the venue and back.