There are lots of things that you should do to sell your car online and one best way to sell car is to have your paperwork in order. This should be done before or after you list your car with lots of pictures online along with your contact number. However, make sure that you have all your paperwork in place such as the car’s title. This will help you to prove that you are legally entitled to sell the car and it belongs to you. It will also prove that the buyer is supposed to pay you the amount of sale as you are the owner of the car.

Bill of sale

In addition to the car title, you will also need to have a bill of sale to give to the buyer to prove that he or she has bought the car from you. This will save you both from the legal hassles. The bill of sale is also a very important paperwork because it will help you to prove to the insurance company as well as to your state that you not own the car any longer. Apart from that you must also make sure that the RC or car registration papers are also up to date. There may be a few other papers required to sell your car. It is best to contact the motor vehicle department of your state about it.

The payment aspects

Finally, you should know about the papers that are legally required to accept payment of the car you have sold. This should be perfect and legal since selling a car involves several thousands of dollars. If the buyer does not have the requite amount in cash in hand then you will need to find out alternative ways to accept the payment. These payment modes should be convenient for you as well as the buyer both.