Many people have faced this problem of being stuck at someplace where there is no mechanic shop. And the person can’t push the car because it got jammed. Then there is the only solution for such kinds of problem. Which is calling the Towing service [บริการรถลากจูง, which is the term in Thai] so, that the car can be towed. The towing service is always available 24×7 to help the people. It doesn’t matter where the car is stuck if it is in their serving radius. Then they will definitely reach out to their clients.

That makes them very reliable of reaching out to people. Where no one can be found except the person with their malfunctioned car. They take less time to come to the client because they understand in what situation the client is going through. So, they always try to come at client’s destination as soon as possible.

Offering slide-on car service for easy pickup and drop

The towing companies offer Slide-on car service [รถสไลด์รับจ้าง, which is the term in Thai] for their client. The slide truck makes the pickup and drops off any light vehicles very easy. It is operated with hydraulic machine to put the car on the slide truck. And chances of damaging the transmission line of the car is very less. That is why the slide truck is always used by the towing companies for light vehicles. Because pickup and drop of the car is very easy process on this.

Following all the safety procedures

The towing company always follow all the safety procedure of towing the car. Like it is mounted properly or not and after that, it is fixed in a correct manner or not. After all the procedures are done only then the towing service tow the vehicles.