It is always advisable to do our homework prior to sign a deal. Same goes with hiring a car. It’s same somewhat as you get into a contractual term with a renting car company till the time you use their services. Understand their modus operandi, how they work and how you can make out most from their services. It’s important you make your facts clear about them on certain parameters. Let’s make your task easy. Here are certain parameters you should consider before hiring a car rental company.

  1. The Size and model of the Car

This is the foremost parameters you should consider as it directly hits your budget. If you are the sole passenger, you could take a small car. The car rental companies have categories of the auto; e.g. “small”, “medium”, “crossover”, “luxury” or “premium” etc. The price varies as per the size and model selected. Decide on that to make your trip fit in your budget and comfort level.

  1. Cost of hire

This is the most important thing we ask for before availing any services. In Car hiring business the cost or fees for the services they charge is dynamic, as it has a multilayer. So we have covered this as a separate chapter you may like to go through. Get more info here about the fees. When you inquire about the rates, you may find it higher than compared to what they have advertised. So, it’s better to ask questions about every cost which incurs during the renting time. Read the contract carefully and make an aware decision.

  1. Ask for a discount

There are fair chances that the company could afford you give you discount under certain offer or categories. Like if you are making an official trip, you can ask for a corporate discount; or if you are a senior citizen, then look for their senior citizens’ offer and other exclusivities.

  1. Ask for deals

Companies run offers from time to time. Ask for the same. They tie up other service providing companies for mutual business interests. Check them out. You might get some good packaged deal which will save you bucks. Car rental companies tie up with hotels, insurance companies, QSRs, big food chains, etc. Do your calculations. If you save, go for it. In holidays and Christmas, they run heavy discounts and lucrative offers. Check them.

  1. Comparison is the key

Do not forget to compare the price and services offered by other Car rental companies. It’s a competitive market for all. Search for a few companies and compare their prices. Try to look for the size of the car of your preference. Different companies mostly expertise in different categories and they could afford to give you the best rate on their specialized categories. Never shy away to ask about that and compare which one suits you best in your particular travel destination and period.

  1. Ask if you really need an Insurance Cover

Most of the auto hiring company provides an insurance cover to their customer. However, insurance is a subject you really need to know about. What kind of coverage they provide, the time of the cover and the price. Mostly we all are fairly covered by our insurance companies. So, you may not need them. Yet you check your insurance cover before deciding in haste.

  1. Check your Driving Record

This is very important. There are possibilities that the service provider rejects you even if you are ready to avail their services. They could disqualify you if you don’t fit within their parameters of driving standards. Check your driving records for violations like speeding, seat belt laws, Driving under influence or Driving License related, etc. It’s better to avoid last-minute surprises. Ask them for their clearances if you have any doubts. You can take that in writing before the payment and get a confirmed deal.


No matter what challenges come on the way to book a car on rent, life is easier with car renting companies. Yet, do a little exercise to select one which suits you best and remains stress-free throughout your trip.