Even when your car is already old, you can still make it look brand new just by merely keeping its wheels and rims clean (and this applies even when you got your rims from shops who offer used Mercedes Benz rims for sale).

One of the most stubborn stains your rims can get is the so-called brake dust. Coming from adhesive and carbon fibers that come off your car’s brake pad, this dust leaves a yellow and black stain that can be difficult to remove once they’ve already accumulated. It can also be highly corrosive because of the intense friction and heat produced by your wheels.

Cleaning Tips For Your Rims and Wheels

The most effective thing you can do to keep your wheels and rims stain-free is your cleaning them frequently — and properly. And this is especially imperative if your rims are second-hand ones (e.g. You get them as used Mercedes Benz rims for sale).

Here are seven tips we’ve compiled to help you out.

Make sure your rims are cool to touch before cleaning. To protect your vehicle and yourself, it’s important to double-check if your vehicle is indeed turned off before cleaning your rims. Also, your rims should also be cooled down first so it will be easier and more effective for you to clean them.

Remove large pieces of dirt by hosing your rims and wheels down. Clean your set of rims and wheels one at a time to ensure all dirt and grime are removed. Start off by hosing them down to remove visible and large pieces of dirt. You can also aid this part by using a large, soft sponge. Rinse afterward.

Prepare separate buckets of water for cleaning and rinsing. When cleaning, it’s advisable that you prepare a bucket for cleaning and another bucket for rinsing. This will prevent the dirt picked up by your cleaning towel and brush from finding its way back to your rims and wheels.

Be meticulous when using spray cleaners. Spray cleaners are available in the market to help you clean your rims more effectively. When choosing one, make sure first that it’s a match for your vehicle. Apply this one before thoroughly cleaning your rims using a brush.

Use a soft-bristled brush to clean off dirt and stains. Car owners recommend using a soft-bristled brush to remove stubborn stains and dirt off your rims. They’re gentle on your rims plus they’re also easy to manoeuver. To ensure efficacy, dip your brush first into a cleaning solution composed of hot water (one bucket) and a teaspoon of concentrated dish liquid. Clean your rim from top to bottom.

Dry your rims using a soft towel. After rinsing your rims, allow it to dry first before applying a protective wax. To make the drying time faster, use a soft and clean towel.

Apply wax for better protection. Last but not the least, protect your rims from accumulating stubborn dirt and stains by waxing it on and off with an appropriate protective wax (this applies to brand new and even used Mercedes Benz rims for sale). When waxing your rims, gently massage it into the face, lip, and spokes. Let it sit for around three minutes before removing it using a clean towel.

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